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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. As an iBEST Resident, how do we pay for Research Core Facilities (RCF), BioImaging and Vivarium fees?

A. RCF fees are incorporated in the Ryerson University rent.

BioImaging and the Vivarium operate on a ‘fee for service’ model and iBEST Residents pay preferred academic rates. Invoices are billed monthly after charges are incurred.

Q. For all Ryerson and St. Michael’s collaborations, who should the collaborators go to, to discuss the development of their intellectual property (IP)?

A.Prior to commencing any commercialization activities, both researchers (from Ryerson and from St. Michaels) should disclose the IP to their respective institutions, who will conduct due diligence to ensure that they have freedom to operate (i.e. no obligations to third parties).

All St. Michael’s researchers, please contact Samar Saneinejad (SaneinejadS@smh.ca), in the Vice President, Research (VPR) office.
All Ryerson researchers, please contact Jennifer MacInnis (jmacinnis@ryerson.ca), in the Office of the Vice President of Research and Innovation (OVPRI).

If the researchers are interested in pursuing commercialization on their own via a start-up company, then after obtaining approval from the OVPRI office at Ryerson and the VPR office at St. Michael’s, they can then apply to the Biomedical Zone (The Zone) (Click Here to Apply to The Zone). If the researchers’ project is accepted by The Zone and the freedom to operate has been confirmed by their institutions, then St. Michael’s would assign IP to the St. Michael’s inventors (the Ryerson inventors will have ownership of the IP as well).

However, if the two researchers do not want to go down the start-up company route, then Ryerson and St. Michael’s would conduct due diligence and see if they can move the joint project forward as an institutional project.

Q.If conducting research with collaborators from Ryerson and St. Michael’s, how should the affiliations be cited on any papers, posters or other academic documents?

A.Please see the Guidelines to Cite iBEST Membership Affiliationsfor a detailed description on which affiliations to cite, and the appropriate wording to use.

Q.For iBEST Ryerson members, when conducting research at St. Michael’s hospital, which institutions does ethics approval need to be obtained from?

A.If Ryerson researchers are conducting studies at St. Michael’s Hospital, ethics approval needs to be obtained from both St. Michael’s Research Ethics Board (REB) and from the Ryerson REB as well.

Q.How do Ryerson iBEST Volunteers apply to work at the Keenan Research Center Biomedical Sciences (KRCBS)?

A.All Ryerson iBEST volunteers are treated the same as Ryerson students in terms of getting access and getting registered with the Office of Research Administration (ORA) at St. Michael’s. To register as a volunteer at St. Michaels, please have your iBEST PI complete the registration package and submit it to the ORA. For more information, please visit the St. Michael’s Research Website.

Please note that volunteers are given access to St. Michael’s research facility for one year at a time, if you need access to the facilities longer than that, please see instructions to complete an extension below.

Q. How do Ryerson iBEST Students/Volunteers apply for an extension to have access to the Keenan Research Center Biomedical Sciences?

A. All Ryerson iBEST volunteers/trainees need to fill out this form and submit it to the Office of Research Administration at St. Michael’s (6th Floor, 250 Yonge Street) in order to get an extension. For more information please visit the St. Michael’s Research Website.